Some of my projects:

Used technologies:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, GSAP

Space website

Frontend Mentor Challenge - Space tourism multi-page website

This project is a fun collaboration with Scrimba and Kevin Powell! My challenge was to build out a multi-page space tourism website and get it looking as close to the design as possible. More details available here:

Space website - desktops device Space website - mobile device

Emerald Cleaning Services

A website created in 2021 for Emerald Cleaning Services - a cleaning company based in North Co. Dublin, Ireland. The main purpose of the website was to provide information about the services offered along with contact details, a gallery, about us section, etc. The most important thing for the client was a clear and transparent structure with concise content.

The website was created in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Emerald Cleaning Services - desktops device Touch Mountains - mobile device

Touch Mountains

The Touch Mountains webpage was created as part of React.js learning module. As a true mountain passionate, I decided to create a beautiful website for the lovers of climbing and hiking. The idea was to create a webpage for a company that organizes unforgettable trips to the highest mountains of the world!

Videos, images, and icons are available at:,, and

Touch Mountains - desktops device Touch Mountains - mobile device

Construction Consultations

The project created in 2021 for a Polish construction company operating on the market for over 25 years. Specialized in the construction of detached houses, modernization of high-standard apartments, renovation, etc.

Web technologies such as React.js, Framer Motion, Styled Components were used to create the project. The main goal of the website was to create a readable, modern, and animated website containing main information about the construction company, FAQ section, contact details.

Konsultacje budowlane - desktop device Konsultacje budowlane - mobile device


Website created for a local web design&development services. Colors used and fox's logo refer to the town where the company is based - Foxford in Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The main purpose of the website was to present information about the offer, contact details and projects. The website was created in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GSAP.

FOXdesign - desktop FOXdesign - mobile device

The Growing Tree - Foxford

Website created for preschool and afterschool services located in Foxford, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The main goal was to create a colorful, fun, and interactive website related to preschool services.

The final version of the website and the animations, such as the moving bus and the stars, were positively received by children attending the preschool.

Meditate App - desktop MeditateApp - mobile device

Music App

A lovely music application that lets you choose and play one of the songs from the playlist. It was created in React.js as a part of the Creative React and Redux Course.

Added features: play/pause music, select song, update time, skip back/forward. All sounds and images are available on the Chillhop Music platform.

Music App - desktop Music App - mobile device

Meditate App

MeditateAPP helps to keep calm and relaxes your mind and body... it's so important nowadays. Just play the chosen sound, watch the video, and stay positive.

Application created in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Added features: select music/video, select duration, start/stop, page load (css animation).

Images, and icons are available at:,,, and

Meditate App - desktop MeditateApp - mobile device